Something Epic for Kids Podcast – Episode 20

PARENTAL PARTICIPATION AND GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED: The girls want to take a minute to recognize the situation in Parkland, Florida. This is still a very kid-friendly episode. No graphic descriptions are included, but parents should listen with their children.

Something Epic for Kids Podcast – Episode 16

In this episode, the girls talk about the science fair and Ainsley’s science project involving experiments with glass Prince Rupert’s drops. Special thanks to Kokomo Opalescent Glass ( and Indianapolis Art Center (

Something Epic for Kids Podcast – Episode 13

In this episode, Ainsley and Elizabeth share some awesome experiences from the last few weeks of school. They also discuss a camping adventure, host a special guest, and talk about being interviewed for a magazine!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Indy’s Child magazine:

Flat Rock River YMCA camp: